Piselli’s very first project is a series of table accessories called ‘White Animal Life’ aka WAL. WAL was inspired by the 17th and 18th century animals that were used as decoration on tureens and were also in existence because of their great conversational value. Piselli tries to reinvent the function of these objects and give the animals more power. In this case the animals overrule function and for once function is inferior to decoration. In using them you need to be rather conscious of what you’re doing and be in the ‘moment’, making you more aware of food in general.

Piselli Projects saw life January 22nd 2012 and was founded by Emilie Kröner. Emilie, a former interior decorator for the past 12 years, felt more and more the urge to create something she could really call her own, hence her first project WAL and there’s more to come.

WAL and all future projects shall convey humor, beauty, happiness, conscious awareness and a bit of absurdism.

Piselli just wants to make people happy!

10 % of all proceeds of WAL go to African Parks

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